RH Luxe Group - Adriana Johnson
RH Luxe Group - Adriana Johnson

"Congrats Reppenhagen Family & Tony and Barbara! This was an interesting situation that no one could believe when I told them! A friend of mine from high school, Jessica, wrote me a message on Facebook about how her family really wanted to buy a new home! They had really gone through some tough times... Their story and dream to be homeowners inspired me to stop at nothing! We searched high and low, wrote 10+ offers, and yet they never ever gave up or lost faith! One day, we were looking at a property in Commerce City and we saw a man waiting in his car. I thought it was another agent waiting for us to finish, but it was actually a homeowner who lived a few blocks away who told us he had a property that he owned across the street from his own that he was thinking about selling, and that we should come check it out. We were a little nervous, but proceeded to follow him in good faith, and thank God that we did! We walked in, took a look around, and knew immediately what a great situation this could be. We talked afterwards and decided this was the one! I turned around immediately and went back to the seller and told him he had a deal! Not only did I get to represent the buy side, but I also got to represent the sellers as well! Working with, and building lifelong friendships/relationships with 2 families that both deserve the world... glad I could plan a small part of it!" - Adriana


1 of 3 closings this week down, 2 to go! This is Melissa and Bryan! AJ grew up with Melissa, and has been chatting on and off for a few years on Facebook about her and Bryan's dream to buy their 1st home together! The time came last month, they looked at 1 house, that had way more than 1 offer, we negotiated until 1am trying to get the sellers to take our offer and not collect 25 more! Haha! At 10am, they officially got under contract and closed in 3 weeks (Thanks Matt)! 



Back to back closings success... This is Adriana's Uncle Harold, who gave her Father a kidney, and saved his life when he was diagnosed with lupus. We sold his townhouse in Colorado Springs within 2 days, and moved him back to Denver! We also got to do a deal with a fellow KW Downtown Agent, so this transaction was very gratifying. Thanks to Matt and Kit at Fairway, our TC Kristen Miller for all her hard work, and Sam Sikes for collaborating with Adriana on her first Co-Listing! 




Congrats to Amanda Regalia on their closing! Amanda is a big supporter of  Suicide Prevention Coalition of Colorado. Today we’ll be donating on their behalf! Thank you Amanda for choosing RH Luxe Group as your trusted Real Estate Team!


Rodney Billups is the Head Coach of the University of Denver Mens Basketball. To support his organization, we donated to the Basketball program on Rodney's Behalf. Thank you for choosing RH Luxe Group!