Rachel Fitzsimmons

Real Estate Agent

Rachel is a native of Denver, Colorado and is passionate about specializing in
Residential Real Estate. Rachel is focused on helping clients within the Denver Metro area and beyond! Whether you are looking to buy, sell or invest, Rachel will listen to what your goals are and help get you there. Your happiness and satisfaction are key to her success. The consistency and effort Rachel puts into her clients every day is what sets her apart from the rest. If you are looking for someone to trust and rely on, Rachel is your gal. Aside from helping you reach your goals, Rachel has a little family that resides in Castle Rock, CO. Rachel has been in Sales and Customer Service for the past 12 years and truly loves helping people. On her spare time, Rachel enjoys spending time with family, being in the outdoors and of course cheering on her hometown sports teams. Please give Rachel a call today to setup an Agent interview so she can show you why she is the best partner for you.