Getting to Know Adriana Johnson

Meet our girl Adriana

Or as we call her el capitan. She is the fun loving, incredibly passionate, and some time a little crazy (in the best way). This insanely talented mother of three brought this group together. She has become a mentor to all of us and someone we can truly look up to and believe in. Learn a little bit about her below.

What type of personality would you say you have?

I was once described as a “Firecracker”! I’ll go with that!!

Who is your inspiration?

My Kids!! They are the reason I never give up, and dream so big, am always looking for a way to make myself better, and in turn, making them, and OUR lives better!!

What charity are you most passionate about and why?

I really have a deep passion for several smaller, local charities and non-profit organizations. It just so happens that my daughter attends Cleo Parker Robinson Dance, and know Miss Cleo personally. She is a prime example of the influential, community focused organizations that I admire, respect, and will focus on. 

What made you decide to become a real estate agent?

I grew up around Title work because of my Smommy (step mommy), worked as a loan officer’s assistant, so was always close to this industry. When I came back from Italy, I knew I had a certain lifestyle I wanted to live, and that being a mother, and spending time with my kids came first. With that said, the flexibility of a real estate agent, and the limitless income and growth opportunities, I knew exactly was I wanted and have never looked back! 

Where is your favorite place to grab a bite to eat?

There is a vegetarian place on 13th & Sherman called City’O City. I love any no meat options, and “hole in the wall” restaurants are my FAVE! Also love Welton Street Cafe- that good old SOUL FOOD! 

Can you speak another language?

Yes, Italian! 

Adriana Johnson