Coat Drive For The Homeless

January's Coat Drive For The Homeless

I'm writing this still on a high from today's charity event. We started our day by walking around the historic Southern Hills neighborhood and knocking on the doors of our neighbors and asking if they had any coats or any warm clothing to donate to our coat drive. At first, we weren't having the best luck, then we met an amazing man named Peter Peterson. He invited all five of us into his home and sifted through his coat closet until he found a few things to donate. He then went on to show us the Asian inspired art that decorated his home. Each piece of art had a story and he was so over joyed to share those stories with us. Meeting Peter lifted our spirits and had us walking on air. With this new found excitement we went on and collected over 30 coats in our little red wagon to pass out in Downtown Denver. We started to hand coats out around 16th street mall. We met a few people that were so overjoyed to be receiving a new coat. Others said they had all that they need and  hoped someone more in need would take the warm clothing. We continued walking down to civic center park where we found the most people in need. As we handed out coats many of the people we met asked if we had any food. This was breaking our hearts every time we received this question. So many asked that we decided to make a pit stop at McDonalds where we bought 30 plus cheeseburgers and handed them out along with the coats. You should have seen the light in their eyes knowing that they would have a meal today. We were so lucky to have meet the people we met and we were happy to make their days. We are excited for more events like this to come. Check out some photos and video from our day of service collecting coats for the homeless.  

We will be serving our community in acts of service each month. How have you served your community lately? We would love to hear about your stories and experiences. Do you have a favorite charity or know of a group in need? We would love to help. Contact us at

Adriana Johnson