Be The Change Month: #Hawkstrong

We are #Hawkstrong!


Last week, the girls of RHLG continued our mission to #BeTheChange! If you haven't heard, we have decided to make the entire month of October about Positivity, Kindness, and Change! 

This week we made a special visit to our little buddy Hawk, his family, and friends! Heather, Hawk's mom, was thinking about getting her Real Estate License when she met Adriana, but her son was diagnosed with Leukemia. Watching Hawk's progress through Heather's Facebook posts has been heartbreaking and we wanted to just do something to take them away, even if it was just for one hour... We had some black fleece blankets with #HawkStrong embroidered on them made for Hawk, his Mother Heather, his Dad Scott, and little brother Mavrik! Heather said the boys are always fighting over blankets so this was a fitting gift! A mutual friend and KW agent Areli and her family joined in for the special visit, along with Adriana's kids as well! It was humbling to hear the stories of all they have, and are going through. To all of our friends, family, followers who are suffering, we see you...

Thank you to the #HawkSquad! It is such an honor to know you! You are all our Hero's and we are forever rooting for you Hawk!  

Adriana Johnson