Be The Change Month: Breast Cancer Awareness

October has been one to remember!

#BeTheChange You Wish to See in the World...This quote by Ghandi is one we are all familiar with, but how does it make YOU feel?

Our Nation, Our World, Our Plant, has been under attack. There are many issues that have caused our Friends and Family to turn on one another, emotions are very high.  

We have, and continue to see some of the biggest division our Nation has faced. Because we are a group of women who seek action, we took a stand this month by not letting ourselves give in. 

The change we wish to see is... When you witness something that you feel passionate about, do not sit back and do nothing. Do not complain about what you see as injustice, but find a way that you alone can make a change that will impact the Universe. You can control your actions, controlling your actions equal Peace, Gratitude, and Unity. 

As Our #BeTheChange Month of October comes to an end...

We leave you with Awareness: Breast Cancer Awareness!

As we are a group of Women, Breast Cancer is a huge reality for us all. We witnessed our Teammate Sammy Sikes go through hell as her Mother battled, and WON the fight just this year! 

To all our Beautiful, Strong Breast Cancer Survivors, Fighters, Their Families, Their Friends... We Salute You. 



Adriana Johnson