Be The Change Month: Giving Blood for Las Vegas Victims

Be The Change Month

For the month of October, RH Luxe Group is committed to #bethechange. With so much heartache and negativity in our country, we have decided to do something positive and heartfelt by giving back every week for the whole month of October. We're dedicated to doing small random acts of kindness and giving back every single day and doing something big each week. Stay tuned this month and follow our group on Instagram and Facebook as well as our individual Social media accounts to see what random acts of kindness we will be doing around town! RH Luxe Group also challenges all of our followers to #bethechange and perform your own random acts of kindness and remember to tag us @rhluxegroup. We practice what we preach! We don't do this for likes, it's what we stand for...GIVING BACK. Now get out in your community people and be the change you wish to see in the world! 

Our first big act of kindness is giving blood at Bonfils Blood Center for the victims of the Las Vegas Tragedy! We woke up bright and early and headed to the donation center to give. We were all nervous (duh needles) but knew how much it could change someones life. The staff at Bonfils was amazing and so grateful for our donation! It was a great day! 

Adriana Johnson