RHLG Hacks for Packing Up Your Home!

RHLG Hacks for Packing Up Your Home! 

As if the whole finding your dream home thing wasn't stressful enough...now its time to pack! Here are a few packing hacks to save you some time, space, and sanity. Feel free to thank us later! ;)


1. Pack The Essentials and Load Them Up Last: Pack things like your tool belt, overnight bag, toiletries and any of your immediate needs. Throw them in the car or truck very last so you know exactly where it is. Easy access to the essentials is key!

2. Wrap Dishes in Clothing: Saves money on bubble wrap and packs your dishes and t-shirts in one swoop!

3. Put Pillows and Blankets in Garbage Bags: This will keep all of your bedding relatively clean and you can use them as padding between furniture in the moving truck!

4. Cover Liquids in Plastic Wrap Before Putting the Lid On: This is the easiest way to prevent spills! Cover all liquids from lotions to cleaning solutions.

5. Use Glad Press N' Seal to Top Dresser Drawers: Take the drawers out of your dresser and add the Press N' Seal. This will freeze the drawers and turn them into your very own moving boxes.

6. Pack Things Into Suitcases: These are basically boxes that you already own! Put the heavier things into suitcases so you can roll the items to transport.

7. Label Your Cords: No one wants to show up at their new house and have no clue which cord goes to the tv or wifi. Label your cords while packing them! 

Adriana Johnson