New Life at the Metlo

We are so excited to announce...

RH Luxe is now its own independent branch of Home Smart Realty located at the Metlo at 1111 Broadway! Watch our video below to hear the whole story... 

History of the METLO:

The Metlo was formally The Golden Triangle's former Broadway Plaza Motel. Built in 1957. Take the word "MOTEL". Rearrange the letters a bit and you have The METLO. There was a time when Denver's main arteries, Broadway and Colfax Avenue, bristled with the sleek, neon signs of roadside motels. Today many of the motels along those corridors remain, often in stages of disrepair -- or worse. The building got a second life starting back in 2013 when developer John C. Cook and owner Mark Rycroft, our beyond amazing landlord, took over the space and began a major overhaul. At least one motel, the Broadway Plaza Motel at the northwest corner of 11th Avenue and Broadway, has found new life instead of a wrecking ball. The motel has now been rebranded as the Broadway Plaza Metlo, a 30 unit space of mixed-use commercial space. Then again there's the old real estate adage, that it's all about three things: location, location, location. "The Golden Triangle is the hottest spot in Denver from a developers' standpoint," Our landlord Mark says. With the new Art hotel being built at the Denver Art Museum, the new History Colorado Center down the street, and Galvanize just blocks away, it's hard to argue with that sentiment. We couldn't ask for a better location than this and we are so excited to be where we are!

A word from our President Adriana: 

This announcement requires a moment of great reflection….

When I tell you that “IT WAS ALL A DREAM”- LITERALLY, It was ALL A DREAM! One year ago, we were officially RH Luxe group. 6 months prior, I met my person. I was lucky enough to meet Payton through her boyfriend Tommy… They say that you cannot lead without a “first follower”, someone who believes in you, your vision and is of equal or greater talent than that of your own. I didn’t even know Payton, but I knew I had a dream… I needed a super talented marketing guru, and I mentioned this all to Tommy, and at this time, never knowing Payton yet, he said, “I think you should call Payton”. I stalked her, and I did call her immediately! She didn’t know me, she was at work, and could not talk, only listen. I talked for probably 20 minutes straight about my vision (pretty unclear at this point) and after listing to me, she very apprehensively (lol) said, “Ok. I have never done anything that you are wanting, but… ok.”

1 year 6 months later… Payton, Tommy and I have created a Brand, logo, custom remarkable website, custom videos, unmatched marketing quality and style, made photoshoot dreams reality, created every single piece of marketing we do from scratch, overcame obstacles together, learned, got better and better. Tommy and Payton, you are, and continue to be the catalyst to my success and the success of RHLG.

This year (Our 1st year as a “Team”) we produced over 10 million in volume, organized 1 charity event a month, hosted a number of noteworthy events, and gained respect and attention that is pretty rare in this industry. Even had the opportunity to pursue a Reality Show. One thing I love about P and I, is that we understand, love, and are grateful for the process. Super humbled for every experience that has shaped me starting with showing houses for $10 an hour (I paid my nanny $15 to watch my kids)! Proud of my time at LIV Sotheby’s, and for being the 1st African-American [woman] Realtor at the DTC office. My Leadership role at Keller Williams Golden, then returning to Keller Williams Downtown… I always joke that 2017 is the best and worst year of my life! P and I laugh now, because of our admittedly horrible leadership during our first 6-8 months! At the beginning of this journey, we were in-process… hyper-focused on Building an Empire. The reason we can laugh is because of our resilience, dedication, commitment to “putting the first things first”. Regardless of some failed ideas for the initial model, we stayed true to contribution, talked about what we love, what we hate, got coached, read every book, listened to every podcast… And found a better way by accepting failures, then using them to adjust our sails. We recognized that not everyone is built for this type of entrepreneurial lifestyle. We had to hit the reset button, and start over.

Law of Attraction says that, “You attract what you’re ready for”. Ironically, the day I interviewed Claren, Payton was checking out the Metlo space with Mark. At the moment, that idea was a distant goal, unattainable for at least a year. My search for the perfect executive assistant was going on 3 months. I sat down with Claren (who was an old friend) and wasn’t sure what to expect. A 4-step interview process turned into hired on the spot, and that was that. My cousin Sarah was inspired by the things she saw us doing, and decided to get licensed. After studying some successful Teams, we saw an opportunity to create a functional arrangement that was unique to any other design we had attempted. After 10 months of unpredictability, we did it, and we knew it. We were made WHOLE. Suddenly there was fire, synergy, chemistry, collaboration, build, drive, consistency that never existed before, people who believed in me, people who would do anything for me, fans, ally’s, partners, believers, FAMILY.

We were faced with a number of obstacles that were each overcome with grace. Our momentum propelled us into a moment of universal alignment. My mindset was focused on owning our own brokerage. I talked to my Coach, Shon Kokoszka, and got started on my employing broker classes. On the path to Mastery, there are levels to all achievement, and we knew we still had a lot to learn. Determined to find a middle ground, we met with a few companies that offered independent branch offices, and decided to move forward with our own Independent Branch Office under HomeSmart Realty Group. Still in disbelief as I sit at my office and look down Broadway, the street that if I could pick anywhere in Colorado… It would be here.

We are at The Historic Metlo in Denver’s Golden Triangle District! 1111 Broadway #203 Denver, CO 80203


First of all, thank you to my kids: Jay, Serena & Jalen. You are the reason I do what I do, you are my WHY! Thank you for understanding when I’m late, or can’t make it to a school party, or practice. I promised you this is grind time, and we will be free for Disneyland soon! Thank you for believing in me! I love you guys, and am so unbelievably proud to be yo Mamma!

Thank you to Metlo owner, Mark Rycroft, for giving us such a beautiful unit, and making this so easy for us. Looking forward to making the Metlo our home... FO-EV-ER!

Thank you to all of our Friends and Family for all the constant love and support you show us! Every event, every comment, every subscription, every referral… We Appreciate you!

Thank you to HomeSmart for creating some unique opportunities for people like us out there! Happy to be a part of the Team!

Lastly, obsessively grateful for my SQUAD, RH Luxe Group for being a Team of true Loyalists and innovators. We did it! Mic Spike to all we have done together, and cheers to many more years of doing whatever we want to!



Join us for our Grand Opening Weekend


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Adriana Johnson