Agent of the Month: Edward Vaughn

How long have you been in real estate and what do you love so much about this career?

I am coming up on 3 years working as a Realtor after a 30+ year career in Telecom Research and Development. I absolutely love this work as it's so much more rewarding helping people with their real estate needs than it was helping a Telecom Company build market share. I just love to experience how good my clients feel when they've sold their home for a price they didn't think was possible, and when they have closed on a home they know they will absolutely love to live in for the foreseeable future. It makes me feel great knowing I had a lot to do with them feeling so good about the real estate transaction they were just a part of.

I got my Real Estate license back in 2005 as a means to fix and flip properties and not pay a commission. Turns out I did a couple flips before I got my license and none after, as I couldn't really pull it off working full time. As it turns out I just dabbled in the fix and flip realm for a short period, and never put my license to good use until becoming a Realtor.  We currently own rental property in UT, and AZ.

What makes this listing so special? 

I think one of the highlights of this listing is that it is  a lot of home for the price (8000 sqft), 4 of the bedrooms have full en-suite bathrooms, oversized 4 car garage. I've seen Elk in the meadow most days I'm there. The house has been maintained to be fire resistant -  trees are situated so fire would have a hard time jumping to this home, and the seller pointed out the large amount of tile in the home helps with this as well. This was thought through because of all the wild fires we have in Colorado. The other nice thing about this property is it’s exact location - it's easy into and back from Denver - it's the 1st "mountain area" exit up I70, and so you can avoid some traffic jams that tend to build up getting into Evergreen, and beyond.

What is the Colorado Real Estate Market like right now in your opinion?

Well the Denver Metro market is the same as it's been for the past 3 years - low inventory, above avg demand with all the migration coming into Denver. There are still low interest rates - so prices have no where to go but up. We'll see what happens if mortgage interest rates climb this year. As far as the market around this listing, there seems to be plenty of inventory and competition. Typically, the 1 Million plus price point take a while longer to sell.

What would you say this listings surrounding neighborhood is like?

Ria Chase is a gated Community.  The surrounding area/neighborhood is foothills/mountain/luxury type homes. Typically 1 million dollars and at least 1 acre lots.


What are some local hotspots around the property? 

Genesee has the chart house restaurant, and a quaint retail/business "mall".  Evergreen is right down the street.

Contact Ed to get more information on the home and his services: 

Email: | Mobile: 303.408.7118 | Office:  303.539.5700

Adriana Johnson