Luxe Social at Del Frisco's Grille

You can't rain on this parade...

Although we planned on having the our Luxe Social on the rooftop bar at Del Frisco's, Colorado weather had different plans for us! Instead of the rooftop, we took over a private room in the restaurant and made it our very own. If you missed our Luxe Social last Thursday then you missed a great party! This networking event was not only to meet new people, but to welcome our newest member. After being checked in, our guest enjoyed drinks, a live dj, and eats provided by our friends at Del Frisco's Grille. We enjoyed appetizers like crab cakes, egg rolls, ahi fish tacos, and cheesy flatbreads. We also had our very own RH Luxe signature cocktail, a pineapple margarita. Rain or shine, we had the absolute best time at our Luxe Social and we cannot wait for more events just like this. Check out the photos from out event below! 

Adriana Johnson