Agent of the Month: Jameson Cappelli

Meet Jameson Cappelli and the property he is co listing with Rachel Colorosa on Santa Fe Drive in Denver, CO

Tell us a little bit about you and your story...

I'm a Colorado native, born and raised right here in Denver. I've been in real estate since 2014. Real estate was something that i always knew i would eventually get into, even at a very young age. I remember growing up, I would ask my dad to drive me down streets id never been down just so i could look at the houses. While most kids wanted to play with toys...I wanted to look at houses...I know, i was weird. My favorite thing i like to do for fun is golf. I tell people its my hidden talent. Most people wouldnt take me to be the golfing type, but it is something i am super passionate about and love everything about it. 


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What are your thoughts on the current Colorado real estate Market?

To be blunt, I'm glad I'm not a first time home buyer right now. I think Colorado is in a league of its own, outside of Seattle and SanFran. People throw around the bubble word, but I honestly dont see it happening here anytime soon. Are we going to see a shift in the market? Absolutely. And I look forward to when that does happen so more of these first time buyers have a shot. Either way, no matter what the market is doing, people are still going to be buying and selling real estate. 

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Where do you find your inspiration?

I find inspiration by seeing other people around me i know doing big things. I love seeing others succeed. Theres enough pie out there for us all to have a piece, but its up to you as to how big of a piece you want

What is a quote you live by?

"Don't mistake movement for achievement" 

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What are your favorite aspects of the property?

This home truly is one of a kind for the area it is in. There is nothing like it in the Santa Fe Arts District. The little shops around are all locally owned as well as all the art galleries that line most this part of Santa Fe. Every First Friday of the month they shut down this part of Santa Fe for the First Friday Art Walk where the galleries are open, street vendors are out, theres live music.  If you want to get a feel for what the area is about, I tell people to come to a First Friday event. They're awesome! 

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If you are interested on more information on this property you can contact Jameson at

Adriana Johnson