RH Luxe Group's Newest Member: Jaimee Rando

We are so excited to welcome Jaimee Rando to the RH Luxe Group Team

With Jaimee's bright personality, positive attitude, and kind heart, she will be a great asset to our team! If you would like to get in touch with Jaimee directly, you can send her an email at jaimeerando@kw.com

As a Metro State University graduate; Jaimee holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Hospitality, Tourism and Events with a concentration in Event Management. Shortly after this accomplishment, she was blessed with a rambunctious little boy, now toddler, who keeps her on her toes day in and day out. This change of pace sparked a flame in her to begin a career that will be adaptable to her new lifestyle that parenthood introduced. This not only allows her to provide and enjoy her sons childhood but also encourages her to work with and help people which compliments her personality so well! 

Being a Colorado native, Jaimee knows the Denver scene inside and out. Her attention to detail and desire for achievement drive her passion to find the best options in the real estate market. Spending some time in property management as a leasing consultant, she knows the value and importance of finding the right home and the ability to put down roots in this beautiful state and ever changing market. 

She has dedicated part of her youth in serving the poor, oppressed and needy which birthed her compassion for the inner-city community of Denver. Jaimee is determined to find the homes of one’s dream and in return give back through donating a portion of her commission to outreaches that strive to help those in need.


Who is your inspiration?

My inspiration is my mom, Nanci. I know it's cliche but she honestly is the strongest, most loving and loyal person I know. Her strength and faithfulness in any situation thrown at her inspires me to be better every single day. 

What is your favorite way to get some exercise?

My favorite way to exercise is to go somewhere beautiful, especially in Colorado, to make it worth the pain! I love working out at red rocks or taking long hard hikes in places like Manitou Springs or Hanging Lake!! 

What drives you to work hard? 

My drive has changed a lot over the years but right now has to be my son! I want him to look up to me for my work ethic, my passion and my drive to go after and achieve all that I set my mind to. I want him to see that in me so in return he can be confident in knowing that he is capable of doing the same! 

Whats one thing you couldn't go a day without? 

The one thing I cannot go one day without is Prayer. Its the very first thing i do when i wake up in the morning, its whats i do ALL throughout the day and the last thing I do at night. It truly is the glue that keeps me together but most importantly my family together. 

What is at the top of your bucket list?

The thing at the top of my bucket list is to write a book (or a couple). Everyone has a story to tell and I truly feel like my story was created to touch and help others in so many areas of life!

Adriana Johnson