Day of Service with Xcel Energy & Boy Scouts of America

In remembrance of 9/11...

We participated in A Day of Service with Excel Energy Colorado and The Boy Scouts of America! This is a day that Adriana and her family have participated in in years past, so of course the RH Girls had to join in! We spent the day last Saturday assisting The Boy Scouts in organizing one of their largest fundraising efforts of the year! The Boy Scouts big fundraiser is selling popcorn. If you haven't had it you are seriously missing out! We helped on the back end by organizing a warehouse full of popcorn and making sure the proper orders got to the proper troops and packs. It was so nice meeting the Scouts and their parents and knowing we were making a difference in the lives of an incredibly strong, traditional, and patriotic organization. We cannot wait to participate in The Day of Service again!  

Adriana Johnson