5 Surprising Facts You May Not Know About the Tax Reform Bill

5 Surprising Facts You May Not Know About the Tax Reform Bill

Written by: Adriana Johnson

1.    When does the Tax Reform Bill go into effect? Bill was signed December 22, 2017. We have been told to “keep an eye on our paychecks” starting as early as January, but it is more likely by February that you will start to see the change in your income… And did you know that change, for most Americans, will be a RISE?!

2.    How will this bill affect Home Owners or Home Buyers?

If you are an existing Home Owner, current mortgage interest deduction will stay in place. If you plan to buy a home anytime soon, the home mortgage interest deductions will only apply for mortgages up to $750,000.

3.    Are State and Local Taxes Still Deductible? Yes, but now there is a maximum deduction amount of $10,000! It is up to the Taxpayer to decide how they would like to go about deduction of sales, income, and property tax. Taxpayers were previously able to write off all local taxes.

4.    But What if I Give to Charity?? Charitable deductions will remain the same. According to the IRS, you may deduct up to 50% of your income!!

5.    What Changed for Corporations? Corporate tax rate was lowered from 35% to 21%. WOW, that's significant! 

So what does all of this mean exactly? Well, Economists have predicted that the Tax Reform will impact inflation significantly, causing commodities to depreciate undoubtedly. Real Estate will become worth more than GOLD.

Perhaps you were uninformed before, and that is why it is my duty to educate the public as a Realtor and lover of Politics. You now have a bit of knowledge that should make you feel like investing in Real Estate is truly Investing in your Financial Freedom… Your FUTURE.

“90% of Millionaires & Billionaires have been created by investing in Real Estate”.

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Adriana Johnson