True (Realtor) Life- Diaries of a Workaholic By: Sarah Talcott

True (Realtor) Life- Diaries of a Workaholic

By: Sarah Talcott

My First Year “Ah-Ha” Moments

 This time we are doing things a little bit differently! Watch the video below to see Sarah’s Diaries of a Workaholic!

Last month was my one-year anniversary of being a licensed Realtor. Crazy how time flies!

If you had to describe your first year in real estate in three words what would they be?

Eye-opening, exciting, liberating!

Who and what are you most thankful for?

I am most thankful that God has put me on this path and has given me the courage to explore the unknown and the confidence to believe in myself and my capabilities. I am also so thankful for Adriana’s knowledge, guidance, and mentorship, I wouldn’t be where I am if she did not take me under her wing…it means more than you know. LOVE YOU!

I am also extremely thankful for my clients who have believed and trusted in me. Now I know why all these musicians and artists are so thankful for their fans, that is how I feel about my clients. I wouldn’t be successful if it weren’t for all of you trusting in me! So, for that I am forever grateful.


What achievement are you most proud of?

I am most proud of the success I have had in my first year of real estate. When I first told friends and family that I was getting into real estate, everyone said, “it’s going to be hard”, “you know you have to work 24/7 right?”, and I feel like people had doubt that I would be successful based on their opinions of the real estate industry and real estate professionals. But, I have had more success in my first year than most people have in their first three years and I am definitely proud of that!


Which of your personal qualities seemed to be most helpful this year?

My work ethic is what has helped me the most this year. I am one of those people who will work hard on anything I put my mind to and now that I have found my path, and someone who shares the same work ethic, we can take on anything!


What is one thing you didn’t know about being a Realtor?

I did not know that as a Realtor you wear one-hundred different hats. As Realtors, we are business professionals, friends, psychiatrists, counselors, cleaners, landscapers, problem solvers, networkers, advice givers and so much more. Or at least Adriana and I are so if you need to buy or sell a house, call us ;)


What was your breakthrough moment?

I think my breakthrough moment was Spencer Schmidt. Spencer was a referral from Kolby who we had met at an open house. Spencer was the first deal I felt comfortable and confident taking on, on my own. I learned a lot through Spencer’s deal and truly felt responsible and in charge of the success of his transaction. Thank you, Spencer…and of course Kolby, too!


What advice would you have given yourself a year ago?

Take the risk! I know how cliché it is for people to say “life is too short” but seriously, I think in life we are all meant to take risks, a leap of faith. That is when we grow and learn the most about ourselves, each other, and the world as a whole. Explore as much as possible when you are young. Do NOT settle for what society tells you, you should do.


What took you by surprise?

How intricate and detailed every transaction and client is. Realizing that every transaction has so many different moving parts definitely took me by surprise. Just learning as you go is a challenge in itself. To me, the biggest challenge was getting through the, “you don’t know what you don’t know” phase, but that is also when I learned the most!


What was the funniest thing that happened during your first year?

Adriana and I were cleaning a house in the highlands and it had already been professionally staged. I set a picture frame from the staging company on the mantel piece and it slipped right off and shattered everywhere. I looked at Adriana and felt like my mom was about to go off on me. My spine had goosebumps like “holy sh*t this is not good”. Now, we just laugh about it!

I also led one of my clients into the Colorado Springs US Army base by taking a wrong turn so often times I will follow my client rather than them follow me LOL.


What new habit have you developed?

I am addicted to Starbucks. Thanks, Adriana ;)

Adriana Johnson