Thank YOU For Attending Our Don't Drink & Vote Election Day Party!

We are Proud to be a Coloradan!


We are so damn proud! 1st openly gay Governor Jared Polis was elected and voter turnouts we haven’t seen SINCE 1966!

Our mission to raise awareness and educate the people couldn’t have been a bigger success! 

We hosted an amazing event that just felt so good. Thanks to The Goods Restaurant for being the very best to us in every way!  Make sure you go by and eat there as much as you can because the food is to die for, and the service is one of a kind!

We are starting a movement in 2k19⭐️ that I cannot wait to tell you all about very soon... I want to express the biggest gratitude for each and every person WHO VOTED- because midterms matter! Thank you to every person who stopped by our event, even for just a moment...That was super special. The outpouring of generosity from The Goods Restaurant, Photo Stubs, Grace Moravek with Cherry Creek Mortgage and so many more! I’m feeling like I’m crazy enough to change the world...

“You attract what you’re ready for.” - Gandhi 

You guys love us, and I hope you know we love you back! Couldn’t believe the turnout and even more so how people told us they had heard about the event, or what compelled them to walk in the doors...The Best!

Adriana M. Johnson 

Founder of RH Luxe Group

Adriana Johnson