Robin Hood Random Acts of Kindness: Be The Change

Hello everyone!

We are so excited to announce that we officially confirmed 4 rooms for Christmas Eve, and we want to Thank You so so much for all the support!

One of our missions is to destigmatize the realities of Homelessness. The fact is, the population that you see on the streets, the homeless you see outside of shelters, that’s the public's general misconception. There is a small portion of the community that actually understands the depth of homelessness.

We have been committed to disrupting perspectives and educating since our Grant Match Ball in July 2018. We teamed up with Family Promise of Greater Denver to raise money and “unmask” the scary truths of the rising number of homeless families right here in Denver. Denver just happens to be top 2 largest cities with the highest homeless population, and number 1 for the last 2 years for documented number homeless families.

With all that said, we had a dream to take 4 Homeless Families and put them in a room for Christmas Eve. To decorate their rooms with mini trees, lights, stockings, have their bathrooms prepared with everything they’d need to be pampered, to provide them a “Blessings Bag” and a really nice blanket for Christmas, gift cards, and food in the mini fridge.

Well, because of your support and recommendations, our dream has come true, which means that means we’re now able to make the dreams of these families come true!

RH Luxe Group is known for our submersion and humility for the issues that we advocate for. We don’t donate “a portion of our commision” because who does that go to? We don’t drop off our coats to a charity and drive away, we get our butts out there and walk the streets of Downtown Denver with them. This is going to be a project that we will never forget!

We are looking for 4 Families and we need your help!

Do you know any single mother or fathers that are living with a family member/friend?

Do you know anyone who just lost their job?

Do know any families who are on the verge of losing it all?

Just got evicted?

Living in their cars?

We are seeking as many family nominations as we can get, and can’t do this without you!

Please share this post and complete this webform so that we can speak to you directly!

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Check-in will be at 3pm Christmas Eve | Check out 3pm Christmas Day.

We will also be seeking volunteers and donations to help us make this project a reality. To Sign up or donate please click below!

Happy Holidays Everyone!

With love always-

Adriana M. Johnson

President of RH Luxe Group

Adriana Johnson