By: Adriana M. Johnson  


What do you know about climate change (global warming)? How much do you care? Most recently, I have become more aware of the detriment our World is facing, and became extremely interested in how the State of Colorado is responding to the issues.

This blog will educate you on some important information regarding the Environmental Clean Power Plan, and I will give you my, “5 SMALL WAYS TO MAKE A HUGE DIFFERENCE”! Hope y’all enjoy! :)

a.  What has Colorado done with regards to Clean Energy?

Colorado is on pace to meet the carbon pollution goals under the Environmental Clean Power Plan. Despite President Trump’s order eliminating many restrictions on fossil fuel production; Governor Hickenlooper announced Colorado will move forward with clean energy initiatives.  Colorado is the seventh largest energy producing state in the United States.  Our state has tougher rules and regulations than the federal government for finding and fixing leaks from oil and gas wells, tanks and pipelines.

b. The transition from natural gas and oil to Wind and Solar, is this a real thing??

Wind and solar energy are about to become unstoppable.  Natural gas and oil production are approaching their peak.  In 2017 clean energy installations broke new records worldwide.  Wind and solar energy are seeing twice as much funding as fossil fuels.  For the first time ever, the United States has over 100,000 people employed in the wind industry.  Clean energy grew at a record pace in 2017.  Can you guess the fastest growing occupation in the United States?  The industry progressed so rapidly it wasn’t even close: Wind Technician.  The United States added 22 Gigawatts capacity in clean energy, which is equal to 11 Hoover Damns.  Coal fired power plants now provide only 30% of the country’s electricity; compared to 50% in 2008.  Recently Colorado shut down the coal train going to the Xcel Energy Valmont Plant.  Platte River Power Rawhide Station is the only coal burning power plant in the state.  Colorado is ranked in the top 10 for wind production due to these changes.

3. Will this transition have any negative impacts on the United States?

It has been long debated if economic growth can be achieved while moving away from fossil fuels.  Electricity costs have fallen more than 2% and Americans spent less than 4% of their household costs on energy for the first time ever.  The state of California alone employs more people in the solar industry than the entire country employs for coal.  Ultimately, cleaning up emissions has not burdened consumers.  Household expenses on electricity and fuels are down significantly.  Eventually the economy will migrate away from fossil fuels completely.  Including the agricultural, construction, and manufacturing industries; not just the energy industry is being impacted by technological advances. 

4. What about gas fueled cars?

Colorado uses ¼ of its energy consumption on transportation.  A huge shift from gasoline toward electric cars is expected in the near future.  Of course, most of this is due to Elon Musk and his completion of the Gigafactory.  The factory produces lithium ion batteries for Tesla vehicles.  The Gigafactory is 5.3 million square feet and Musk is quoted in a recent interview saying “20 Gigafactories can supply enough power and electricity to accommodate the entire world's energy consumption.”  Fewer than 9,000 electric vehicles are registered in Colorado.  By 2030, that number is expected to climb to 300,000 conservatively or even as high as 900,000.  Consumer’s biggest concern is the lack of charging stations.  Level 1 chargers for home use are around $100 and can charge a car in 24 hours.  A level 2 charger is around $500 and can charge a car in 6-8 hours.  As the electric vehicle industry grows, more public charging stations are going to be needed to handle the demand.  Although, people who don’t live in single family homes right now are locked out of the market.  One way around that would be to locate more charging stations at work and apartment complexes.  When Wheat Ridge Fruitdale Lofts opened in the fall, it sported the first apartment complex in Colorado to have its own charging station; and it is free for residents.

What does this all mean?

I believe, that for the first time, there is a worldwide acceptance of the issue. “Clean Energy” is being invested in and thriving. We have found a way to stop murdering our Planet with overconsumption, pollution, CO2, fossil fuels, extreme methods of extracting oil and gas. We have a chance to make things right, and to give instead of take. In 2017, it was estimated that a miraculous 1.2 billion people are without electricity across the globe.  American’s have lived for almost a century with electricity powered by expensive fossil fuels. We now have the ability to create affordable, widespread energy sources through Wind/Solar/Electric that could possibly be the key to saving our Planet, and providing a better life and future for us all.  


As a Realtor, I am lucky enough to experience the changes being made on more effective energy efficient lifestyle solutions.

Here are my TOP 5 suggestions:

  1. SOLAR PANELS:  We have all heard that Colorado gets sun 300 days out of 365, so why not get yourself some solar panels? Did you know that on average, a Colorado Homeowner with solar panels GETS PAID/MAKES $40 a month?? They generate enough energy to cover their monthly electric bill, and receive (on average) a check back to them for $40 per month!??! WOW!  

  2. HIGH-EFFICIENCY APPLIANCES: Make the switch to high-efficiency refrigerators, washers, dryers, dishwashers, toilets and more!

  3. CHANGE YOUR LIGHT BULBS: Compact fluorescents and LED have proven to be more cost and energy efficient!

  4. CHOOSE RENEWABLE POWER: Ask your utility provider to switch your account to clean, renewable power from wind and farms! Cool, right?  

  5. GET INVOLVED! Become more educated on the issues, and corporations behind them! Find something you are passionate about and MARCH, VOLUNTEER, DONATE, ADVOCATE!! Watch “Before The Flood” a documentary starring Leonardo DiCaprio.



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Written By: Adriana M. Johnson  

Adriana is the President (AKA Boss Lady) of the RH Luxe Group, Mother of Three, and Lover of Lady Gaga! She was born and raised in Denver, Colorado, and graduated from South High School. From there, she went to Texas Tech University and graduated Magna Cum Laude with a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology. She obtained her Master’s in Clinical Research, and a Teaching English as a Foreign Language Certificate (TEFL) in 2010. The driving forces in her life are her 3 amazing children, Jay (10), Serena (6), and Jalen (4). They are her biggest inspiration! She has been licensed for 4 years, beginning her Real Estate career with Keller Williams Downtown. She is very much an expert of the Denver Metro, and Greater Denver Metro areas as well having lived in highly sought out Denver subdivisions, and Suburban subdivisions like Parker. Adriana spent two years at LIV Sotheby's International Realty, then returned to Keller Williams in July 2016 as Assistant Team Leader and Luxury Agent. Adriana and RH Luxe Group are committed to a level of excellence by educating clients, developing a clear, specific plan, having a Team of dedicated persons to support and guide you throughout your Home Buying or Selling process. Look forward to earning your business! 

Adriana Johnson