True (Realtor) Life- Diaries of a Workaholic

True (Realtor) Life- Diaries of a Workaholic

By: Sarah Talcott

WOW! 2018 has been non-stop from the get go! As we say, “Grind Don’t Stop!”

Photo Shoot

To start off the new year we got new headshots and group photos. Adriana and Payton had a
vision of “Denim and Diamonds” for our theme. Our photographer found the perfect place for
us to take our pictures in the midst of the city on top of a parking garage with the city as a back
drop. WE FELT LIKE MODELS! This day started out at 10:00 am, although, we should have
started at about 6:00 am. You know how girls are with getting ready, we take FOR-EV- ER.
Adriana and I tried on outfits for several hours the night before and then thought it was a good
idea to go stuff our faces with five different appetizers and some beers at 1:00 am, the day of
our photo shoot… obviously we don’t follow the modeling rules of water only. We had our
make-up and hair done professionally (thank you Bianca and makeup artist!) and got ready in
our new office. It was a little chaotic making sure we were all ready before the good light was
gone, but we made it happen!



Grind Don’t Stop-3 Buyers Under Contract

The grind includes, but is not limited to, training classes, buyer and seller appointments,
coaching calls, mastermind meetings, door knocking in freezing weather, all day new build
appointments, writing offers at 10:00 pm and driving across town and back multiple times a day
showing houses. This is why our motto is “GRIND DON’T STOP”. We love it! We completed a
variety of classes and trainings this month including, “Buyer Mastery”, CTM contracts class, and
VA Bootcamp! We also got three buyers under contract after showing multiple houses. We
went to Colorado Springs to spend the day showing Michele and Daniel homes and listen to
how crazy this is! We got Michele and Daniel under contract on a home that wasn’t even on
their list to see. We viewed a home that was in foreclosure and not in good shape and as we
were leaving we saw a sign a few houses down and thought we might as well check it out. As
we were walking down the street the listing agent was driving by us and told us we can take a
look and it was the same exact house we just saw but in much better condition! This was FATE.
We wrote the offer and they accepted it! Melissa and James have been troopers looking at
house after house and have finally found one that they will call their first home! Junior and Alea
have been persistent in their search as well and have found the perfect place to call “home”.

unnamed copy.jpg

Three Day Grand Opening

This was an AMAZING 3 Day Event! I literally kept saying, “I don’t want this to end”. If you
missed this event you truly missed out. It was EPIC! Everyone worked so hard to put each of
these events together and every event was so special. The cocktail party was a blast, everyone
had a great time and danced the night away. My parents especially had a little too much fun
LOL. The cake was served late night as ‘community style’. Adriana, Payton and Claren straight
up ate the cake with forks because we didn’t have a knife to cut it into pieces. We cut the
ribbon for our new office and it was such a great feeling being a part of this amazing group of
women and the bright future we have ahead. Our “Shop Local” event allowed us to connect
with our fellow entrepreneurs and local businesses in the Metlo. Thank you everyone who gave
us materials to display! The investor panel was very informational and inspiring, everyone there
left wanting to start investing yesterday!


Always Giving Back!

This month our charity event was participating with Volunteers of America and doing Meals on
Wheels. This was an adventure! Payton drove us around as we delivered meals to the elderly.
We unpacked meals into the fridge and freezer for the sweetest elderly lady. She was hilarious,
telling us, “she don’t want no condensed milk packets!” She said, “I will return those”. Then, at
our last delivery, Doris had about ten signs on her door instructing solicitors what to do so we
waited and waited because we weren’t supposed to leave the food on the door step. Finally,
we saw one of the signs said she may be out back gardening. Adriana, having the “don’t stop
until we have the job done” mentality, goes to the back fence and starts yelling “Doris, Doris!
It’s Meals on Wheels”. Then she proceeds to jump on Payton’s back to see over the fence to let
Doris know we are waiting for her at the front door. Moral of that story, Doris got her food
package! Anything the four of us do together is an adventure to say the least.


After every meeting, the four of us put our fists in the middle and we “mic drop” and all go our
separate ways to go home, as seen below. So, “Until next time…..Mic Drop on

Adriana Johnson