The Simple Home Staging Guide for Home Décor

The Simple Home Staging Guide for Home Décor.jpg

Whether you are preparing your home for sale for getting your home ready for out of town relatives, these tips will have your home looking beautiful, polished, and inviting for any occasion!

1. Remove clutter: Remove things from view and go with a more minimalist approach! Follow the golden rule for each thing that you bring in two things should be removed!

2. Brighten Areas with Light: Aim for 100 watts of light for every 50 square feet! Do not underestimate the power of natural light! Make sure there are three types of light in each room (natural light, over head light, and lamp light)

3. Repurpose: Take rooms that accumulate junk and repurpose them with a couple of new furniture pieces and new paint! Turn a “junk room” into a craft center. Or a basement into a yoga studio!

4. Vary Wall Hangings: Try different groupings and patterns of hanging items to make the art stand out and show off the space!

5. Bring Nature Inside: Use nature as an inspiration for accessorizing or selecting neural paint colors. Use fresh cut flowers to accent your home in vases that match your décor (We LOVE this hack!)

6. Group Things in Threes: Odd numbers are preferable when grouping accessories! Group accessories by color, shape, and texture

7. Give Areas A Face Lift: If you cannot afford big renovations, get new fixtures, doors, or drawer fronts. This is a cheaper way to go about fixing your home without having to fix everything from head to toe!

8. Add Some Color: Paint a room in a natural color to help tone down any dated features in the space. Try warm tans, honeys, and soft blues or greens. Paint adjacent rooms the same color in order to make the space feel bigger. Use deep tones in the powder room, dining room, or bedroom to make the rooms feel warm and inviting.

9. Be Aware of Layout: Float furniture away from walls to open up the room and make it feel bigger. Position items into cozy conversational groups paying attention to traffic flow in the room.

10. Clean: This is critical! Cleaning a space can really help you see what changes need to be made! Clutter is also minimized with a thorough room cleaning. Hire a cleaning service using the app called Handy! Cleaning is quick, easy, and around $100!

Adriana Johnson