Food Porn: The Realtor Restaurant Review of BARCELONA WINE BAR

Food Porn: Realtor Restaurant Review of BARCELONA WINE BAR

By Rachel Fitzsimmons


Barcelona Wine Bar


29th & Larimer

CALLING ALL WINE ENTHUSIASTS AND WINE SNOBS!! Have you heard about Barcelona Wine Bar in RINO?? Open about a month now and just WOW!! They feature about 400 glasses of wine and really strive to keep the eccentric Barcelona vibe alive!!

When I walked into Barcelona I felt so much amazing energy, high vibes and Coloradoans just looking to have a good time. My friend and I ended up snagging the last 2 stools at the end of the bar and sat and took in the vibrant atmosphere. There was no such thing as strangers in this bar. Everyone was reaching out and striking up conversations with one another. All of us in the same mentality, indulge and let loose!


After browsing through the abundance of wine selections, I decided to go with a “Rosat” and my friend had a glass of “Tempranillo.” So many inspiring choices on the menu to choose from, overwhelming at times. So many decisions and by the end of it you have severe wine FOMO(fear of missing out) anyways as you cannot have everything in one sitting. But that’s totally fine, Barcelona Wine Bar isn’t going anywhere, anytime soon. So put those fears to rest! 

Now on to the decadent eats! Most everything at Barcelona is a shareable plate. You can choose between Tapas like the infamous “Patatas Bravas” “Potato Tortilla” “Paella” and “Croquetas.” Or you can go the route of building your own “Charcuterie Board.” Which is what we did.


We chose the Spanish Ham, Chorizo Picante & the Smoked & Creamy Cheese.

AND I cannot forget about the warm fresh bread & butter that accompanied our meal. We actually asked for seconds of this and it paired so well with the meats and cheeses


My short and sweet visit to Barcelona Wine Bar was so fun and so fulfilling and please do yourself a favor and go get lost in the Barcelona scene. Cheers!

Adriana Johnson