True (Realtor) Life- Diaries of a Workaholic by Sarah Talcott

True (Realtor) Life- Diaries of a Workaholic

By: Sarah Talcott


We WORK hard…

This month has been jammed packed with work, work, work and we love it! Delanie and Marissa closed on their beautiful home in Colorado Springs and started moving in that very night. Now, we are starting to plan their house warming party and we can’t wait to celebrate this milestone with their family and friends! This month we held an open house for prospective tenants at one of Adriana’s client’s rental property in the Highlands. Prior to the open house we walked around the restaurants and shops passing out flyers and networking with the “locals”. If you haven’t waked around the Highlands yet, it is a MUST. There are so many cute shops and yummy places to eat, we even stopped in for a great happy hour. Jordynn and Whitney are two of the sweetest young ladies who inquired about the rental property and they were thrilled that they were able to move in immediately. Success!

This month we have three clients under contract. Natasha & Justin, Julian & Katlyn and Kolby! Adriana went to high school with Justin and ran into him at work and found out they had looked for a house in the past but did not have a great experience with the Realtor and ultimately gave up. We made sure that they would have the opposite experience with us! Natasha and Justin have the two cutest kids on the PLANET, Jordan and Kennedy. Natasha and Justin had faith in us throughout the entire process and we found “the one”. If there is any family out there that is deserving of a dream home to raise their two kiddos, it’s this one!

Rachel met Julian and Katelyn in college at CSU. Katelyn let her know that they were wanting to sell their townhome and buy a new build, so we got to work! Not only are we Realtors but we are also dusters, scrubbers, shampooers, vacuumers, sweepers and so much more. Julian and Katelyn wanted to sell their home “as is”. However, knowing what a disservice that would be to them we informed them that we take care of all of that. Adriana and I spent a Sunday deep cleaning and staging their house so that they didn’t have to worry about getting their home in tip top shape to sell. We LOVE doing this! The three of us also held an open house for Julian and Katelyn which was poppin’. We had so much traffic in and out combined with a total of 62 showings in three days! Needless to say, this property was a hot commodity. There were multiple offers and it went under contract in three days significantly over the list price. Go team!

The three of us met Kolby at our open house in Bennett. Kolby expressed some frustration with his previous Realtor and he was on a time crunch. His lease was up in a month and he hadn’t found what he was looking for and had a Realtor who was very absentee. Adriana, Rachel and I showed him how we do things. We showed him houses a couple times and got him under contract in an amazing home in Colorado Springs. Kolby has been wonderful to work with and we can’t wait for all the BBQ’s to come with his awesome kitchen and great backyard. Time for shots and a keg…or two!

PEOPLE, there is a common theme here, all Realtors/Real Estate Agents are not good… At RH Luxe Group we truly go the extra mile to make sure our clients’ needs are met no matter their situation. We make sure they are happy and taken care of throughout every step of the Buying or Selling process as these clients can attest.


…we PLAY hard…

Just because we are busy with work constantly does not mean we don’t make time for play! Adriana and I took her three kids on a one-night Spring Break trip to Glenwood Springs which was a crazy adventure to say the least! We planned to leave at 10 am and left at 3 pm, then we stopped about 13 times to go to the bathroom, get food etc. I’m sure that sounds pretty familiar to all you parents out there. For those of you who don’t know, I don’t have kids, so this experience was a bit of an eye opener J Adriana’s oldest JJ is 10, Serena is 6, and Jalen is 4. Talk about HANDS FULL. We got to the hotel which was awesome and had a great view. The goal was to get to the hot springs before it closed, and boy did we cut it close. We decided to walk to the hot springs, however, Glenwood Springs has these crazy huge round-a-bouts that trick you into thinking that you are going the right way.  We got so disoriented in the dark that we got ourselves into a nine-line bind. After running through the traffic circle with Serena on my back, Adriana dragging Jalen by the arm and JJ trailing behind we found ourselves in the middle of another round-a-bout, in the dark, with cars zooming past us left and right. It was scary! We did what any “millennial” in 2018 would do, we called a Lyft to save the day and drive us five minutes away. We enjoyed the hot springs for about thirty minutes and headed back to the hotel and ordered pizza. Poor Serena was up sick all-night coughing and throwing up and Jalen snores like a 60-year-old man so between the both of them I think I slept one-hour LOL.

This month we also made some time to get out on the town. We went to Boulder to see my friend from New Zealand perform with his group BAYNK and Kasbo. They are awesome! We snuck behind the guy who controls all the lights, so we weren’t smothered by the sweaty crowd below us, and we danced the night away and stuffed our faces with Taco Bell (gross, I know). We also went to Lipstick Nightclub to support Adriana’s nephew in his drag show. We have to show our love and support every chance we get…


…and we LOVE even harder!

All of us at RHLG are huge supporters of the LGBTQ community! Love is love. We think everyone should embrace who they are. We had so much fun at the Drag Show and it truly made Adriana and I’s heart so happy to see these individuals doing what they love and being who they are. A special shout out to Terrell! You killed it and we can’t wait to go to the next one!

After we met with one of our clients last Friday Adriana and I were deciding what we were going to do for the evening and as we were driving home she pulled into a tattoo shop and said, “we are getting a tattoo”. Not to mention, I am a tattoo virgin.  I was excited and nervous all at the same time. We both got the word “life” tattooed on us which was such a special and impactful moment. Adriana and I have been going through life together and I mean LIFE, some truly crazy, crazy things that life throws at you, and this is just a symbol of what it is all about. Also, make sure you listen to LIFE by Jon Bellion which is what inspired us in the first place J (Mom and Dad, if you are reading this right now, SURPRISE!)


“Until next time…Mic Drop on three…1…2…3…”

Adriana Johnson