FOOD PORN: The Realtor Restaurant Review of Avanti


Avanti F & B, bringing the olden day food halls into fruition with a modern day twist. Nestled in the heart of the Denver Highlands, this eatery screams “eclectic.”

The Highlands is one of the hottest places to live right now and businesses in the area feel the same way. Neighborhood bars, coffee shops and now mega eateries are cashing in on the location, the energy and of course the amazing views.

Avanti F&B’s view are some of the best in Denver. When you step in the door it’s a little overwhelming with how many options are at your finger tips. One of the first things to catch your eye is the posh and whimsical bar that just makes you want to enjoy a Moscow Mule in your fancy copper cup!

On one side of the place there is a company doing team building and enjoying a fun yet calm lunch. On the other side there are men in jerseys enjoying a cold beer and rooting for their team in the World Cup.

As you continue to walk through main area you are presented with five of the seven culinary options.


1.     Quiero Arepas which offers their famous Venezuelan Arepas with Muenster cheese mmmmm and of course yummy Plantains

2.     The Regional—an American eatery offering things like Lobster Grilled Cheese and Spicy Fried Chicken

3.     Chow Morso—authentic Italian Street Food with Gelato and Italian Soda

4.     American Grind—inspired by 1950’s burger drive-in this made from scratch diner offers your all American Burger with a twist and fresh cut fries

5.     Brava! Pizzeria Della Strada—Neapolitan style pizza made with local ingredients, and don’t forget their Italian S’mores

 Then you make you way upstairs where you find yourself on the rooftop of Avanti F&B. You are greeted with another beautiful and energetic bar, a huge open patio and a calmer more secluded area toward the back that looks to be used a lot for private parties and company outings…. AND you guessed it! Teo more food options:

1.     Borracho Tacos—I mean who doesn’t like a taco?? Except these tacos are here to make a statement with a classic but unique twist on their food.

2.     QuickFish Poke Bowl—serving the best Poke around with their highly sustainable sourcing and dedication to the best ingredients. Definitely try the Fire Bowl if you like spicy!!

You can grab a seat anywhere it’s seat yourself and a server will take your drink order. Avanti F&B offers over 20 beers, a great and affordable selection of cocktails, including Sangria, which was so delicious, and wine by the glass or bottle.

My official Realtor Restaurant Review is:

Atmosphere: 10—loved the view, the openness and the vibe

Food: 10--- everything you could ever want in one place!

Drinks: 8—Sangria was great! Wine was a bit pricey

Service: 7—Cocktail servers weren’t the most helpful or energetic

Location—10 Prime spot!!


Had a great experience at Avanti F&B and can definitely see myself going back. One time is not enough to enjoy everything the collective cuisinary has to offer! Whether you are on a business meeting, catching up with friends or a tourist that is sight-seeing Avanti F&B is a great option! Please click the link below for more info on each of the eateries and catch them on the streets with their food trucks.

Adriana Johnson