True (Realtor) Life- Diaries of a Workaholic By Sarah Talcott

True (Realtor) Life- Diaries of a Workaholic

By: Sarah Talcott

Under the Surface: Masquerade Grant Match Ball & Partnership with Family Promise of Greater Denver



“What They Don’t See”


Hard Work

Solidifying a partnership with Family Promise of Greater Denver has been what we at RH Luxe Group have been seeking for many months. The second after our initial sit down with Allie Card (Executive Director) and Courtney Jensen (Development Manager) with Family Promise of Greater Denver, we got straight to work! Putting on such a big and impactful event takes a lot of collaboration and planning. There are many aspects to consider from marketing and budgeting, to logistics and vision. A huge shout out to Adriana and Payton for working so diligently day in and day out to meticulously plan every detail of this event so that it is executed with perfection!


All of us at RH Luxe Group pride ourselves in coming from contribution in everything that we do. Since inception, we have done a different charity event every month. This was very rewarding and a great way to give back to the community! However, we found that we out grew bouncing from organization to organization and we wanted to look for something with a greater purpose and a more meaningful connection to the community. That is when we all set out researching local organizations that would align well with our vision and goals as a real estate team to provide shelter, which is one of the five basic human survival needs. We had met with an organization that was not going to be a good fit and reached out to several others who didn’t get back to us or did not show a genuine interest. Then, we sat down with Family Promise of Greater Denver and we all knew that this was meant to be. We were so happy that we were persistent in our search for the best organization to call our partner.

Late Nights

Every night is a late night! We have the opposite of normal business working hours. We find ourselves never taking a break to eat and when we do we stuff our faces for approximately three minutes before tackling the next item on our to do list. Despite everything else we do and our community involvement, we are still Realtors, entrepreneurs, mothers, daughters, friends, event planners, girlfriends, fiancés, and so much more. These late nights all add up to our success and we wouldn’t have it any other way.


We started with a general idea of creating a long-term partnership, then the direction we wanted to take soon followed. This journey did come with its rejections. As I mentioned, we did not hear back from numerous organizations that we were interested in partnering with. We researched several organizations and were patient in finding the perfect match. Not only did we run into rejection throughout our search for the best partnership, but we also battled rejection within the team. Adriana and Payton are the brains behind every event that we execute. They have a unique relationship where Adriana will call Payton at three o’clock in the morning with a crazy idea and Payton’s normal response is, “you’re crazy, no way, nope, that’s dumb”.  Then, in some mysterious way, the two of them come to a common ground and use their magic and talent to turn every event into something spectacular!


At RH Luxe Group we are always looking at the big picture. The big picture represents many sacrifices. We are constantly overcoming obstacles, putting our social life on hold, and working non-stop, and we know this sacrifice will be worth the end product. We strive to stand out, be different and do everything at a very high level. With various other things going on in our lives, planning this superlative event, and solidifying this partnership, we each have made sacrifices to ensure our goals are accomplished.    


 Planning this event has taken a lot of discipline and focus. We would not have been able to get where we are without discipline and establishing a process and system. We have established a great system for everything from donations and invites to scheduling and vendors. Everyone has been very disciplined in planning and coordinating every aspect of this event and making sure everything is lined up. We have had several meetings to ensure everyone is on the same page and everything is executed with perfection!


Of course, being a group who is, young, African American and women, we already have three strikes against us. But we use those strikes to empower us and others to do more and to do better. We have received criticism in the past because we go against the grain, we do not want to be like everyone else. We are proud to call ourselves rule benders. We are vulnerable and genuine so that our story, and unique mission empowers and inspires everyone we meet. With this specific event, I’m sure there are people out there who criticize the pictures we take, the amount of money we are trying to raise, and the number of times we post on social media. All the haters out there just sit back as we rise above the surface and you see the success we create and the change we bring!


It is human nature to have doubts, however, we have turned our doubts into action. There is one thing about RH Luxe Group that has always been prominent is that no matter the situation, we all come together to conquer any doubts that may arise. We always find a solution! We are professional problem solvers. We have a mentality that is unmatched where anything we put our minds to we know we can do. Of course, we could allow doubts to creep into our heads… “How are we going to raise twenty thousand dollars!?”, “What if no one comes to the event?”, “What if we let Family Promise down?”, “What if no one picks up our press release?” Although doubts are natural, I can assure you that if there is anyone who can squash doubt it is my team of strong talented women! Anything is possible when RH Luxe Group is involved. 


In my opinion, RH Luxe Group does not see failure. I believe we see failure as a temporary roadblock or setback. When we do encounter a road block we always get through them. As I mentioned, we are professional problem solvers. If there is a will, there is a way. All it takes is a little determination, an open mind, and some creativity. Just a small example, there is a new owner of the Metlo Rooftop, therefore, the rate to rent the space significantly increased. Many people would say do the event somewhere else and that would be a failure on our end. However, we negotiated the price and are asking all of the Metlo businesses to sponsor the event and help us cover the cost of the rooftop. Now that’s problem solving!


Planning a massive fundraising event definitely has its risks. Not only financially, but also, we are putting ourselves out there in many ways with high pressures and expectations from many people and the public in general. This event and partnership is well worth the risk. We are all learning, growing, and challenging ourselves through this process. We are stepping outside of our comfort zones, where as they say, “life begins at the end of your comfort zone”.

“What They DO See” … SUCCESS!

NOW, after months of staying under the surface, we are emerging from the depths of hard work, persistence, late nights, rejections, sacrifices, discipline, criticisms, doubts, failures and risks to present to you the Masquerade Grant Match Ball and Partnership with Family Promise of Greater Denver. We chose a Masquerade theme because we want to bring awareness to homelessness and we are out to change the public’s perception of homelessness. We all wear masks to hide who we truly are, in reality we are all humans no matter our situations or circumstances. Many of these families who have fallen on hard times have encountered situations that could happen to you and me as well. I say we take away the judgement and stigma surrounding the homeless and lend a helping hand to keep these families together.

“In a world where everyone wears a mask, it’s a privilege to see a soul” Leave your egos at the door and join us for a night full of changed perceptions and disclosed truths behind the phenomenon of homelessness.

WHO: RH Luxe Group Realty & Family Promise of Greater Denver

WHAT: Masquerade Grant Match Ball Fundraiser

WHEN: JULY 13TH from 6 o'clock to 10 o'clock on the Metlo Rooftop

WHERE: The Metlo Rooftop | 1111 Broadway Denver, CO 80203

WHY: Family Promise has solidified a 20k grant for the Help Us Move In (HUMI) program that must be matched by community donors by July 31, 2018.

Halloween Masquerade Ball (1).jpg

“Until next time…Mic Drop on three…1…2…3…”

Adriana Johnson