Put a Roof Over Their Head By Putting A Roof Over Yours

By: Adriana M. Johnson

The great Steve Jobs  famously said,  “The People who are crazy enough to think they can change the world, are the ones who do.”

Since the inception of RH Luxe Group, we established values that we wanted to build our business around, how we wanted the world to see us. We knew that we always wanted to come from contribution, to put others first, and inspire everyone we met.

I think that it was during the developmental phase of our creative content and innovative marketing, that we knew we were on to something much bigger than ourselves. We envisioned RHLG as an all-women power squad of hard working, knowledgeable badasses, who go above and beyond, taking this industry by storm. The unapologetic rebels, who remain humble, and fight for what's right... A modern day version of Robin Hood.

We. Are. Robin. Hood.

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Robin Hood, “Took from the rich, and gave to the poor". Which meant he protected the innocent from injustice, he gave to the people who deserved it, and was heroic character throughout time. We were drawn to this image, and made a very risky decision (especially during this time for us) to call our business- ROBIN HOOD LUXE GROUP.

And so it began… My Merry [Wo] Men and I built the infrastructure and business model that included our purposeful charity events, that we would dedicate our time to, once a month. Through our servant leadership efforts, we made a real difference, and impacted so many lives! It is a feeling that I cannot put into words. We were attracting the very best, we learned to believe in ourselves, we finally realized that we were in a category of limitless capabilities, and evolving talent.

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I remember standing on stage with Miss Cleo Parker Robinson, and my dear friend TaRhonda Thomas from 9 News,  and thinking to myself, “Wow!! What the heck did I do to deserve to be standing here with these 2 iconic women?!”

I very quickly pulled myself together, held my head a little higher, and embraced this moment that forever changed me.

 I wanted to DO, and wanted to BE more.

Make a difference, and encourage others with My Story. I vowed to only surround myself with positive, creative, genuine, talented people of the greatest minds, and farthest visions.

We gained a lot of momentum through our charity work. We came to a place where we knew that we were making an impact, but we had to do more. We wanted to focus on one specific purpose, a consistent pouring into, and commitment to one organization that provides aid and devotion to children, and the homeless. 

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In March we solidified our partnership with a local non-profit, Family Promise of Greater Denver. Our 1st big fundraiser we hosted together, “The Grant Match Ball” in which we raised over $6,000 towards Homeless Prevention, and we even got to tell our story on 9 News! Family Promise makes a significant impact on the homeless community by offering financial assistance, and by their focus on prevention and awareness programs.

Together, we will continue to fight the sigmas, raise money, support, and work to keep families off of the street!

Post Grant Match Ball, we will continue to provide service to our friends at Family Promise by officially beginning our “ROBIN HOOD WISHLIST”.

Each Family will be given our Wishlist Form. They'll be asked for 3 Things that would change their lives as they transition out of the Family Promise Program, and into a more permanent form of housing for themselves, and their families. Whether that’s a moving truck, a bed, dishes, food, blankets, help moving, whatever they need... We got it! :)

Every closing we have at RHLG, we will make those Families dreams come true by sponsoring their Wishlist items!


My Friends, it's an honor to introduce to you our newest charity campaign with our partners at Family Promise of Greater Denver:


You SELL or BUY a home with RHLG, we help a homeless family in need on your behalf. It’s that simple.

Thank you for your continued support! Please schedule a Buyer or Listing consultation with us, so we can educate you on how this all works in more depth! We specialize in:

1st time home buyers, understanding loan options, down payment assistance, the entire process, credit repair, investment properties, listing necessities, marketing, pricing, what equity is, and how you can use it to build your financial wealth!


Adriana Johnson

Founder of ROBIN HOOD Luxe Group | Realtor Extraordinare  


Adriana Johnson