True (Realtor) Life- Diaries of a Workaholic By: Sarah Talcott

True (Realtor) Life- Diaries of a Workaholic By: Sarah Talcott

“And suddenly you just know it’s time to start something new and trust the magic of beginnings” -Meister Eckhart.jpg

At RH Luxe Group, we bring out the magic of new beginnings! Every one of us found ourselves in a place where we thought, “life has to be better than this”. In our own individual way, we each knew we had a bigger purpose in life, and a new beginning to pursue. We were all pushed to take a leap of faith, and we did. We believed in ourselves, and we believe in each other. There is a unique bond, constant encouragement, and endless support that exists within our team. My journey began when I had a dream of doing and being more. I have always felt the need to push myself to grow and not be comfortable with where I am at. RHLG guided me through each step, getting into real estate school, passing the test, and getting licensed. I was welcomed, uplifted, and instantly a part of the team in many ways. Continuously being surrounded by positive, creative, genuine, and talented people has allowed all of us to grow and supersede any doubts we ever had.

Being a part of RHLG has set me apart from every other real estate agent out there. We hold ourselves to high standards and a quality like no one else. We go the extra mile every single time, which I have found, is extremely rare in this industry. I knew RHLG was the place for me when I had an overwhelming feeling that I was a part of something much bigger than being “your average, friendly, neighborhood real estate agent”. RHLG is built on a foundation of contribution. We always put others first. Our mission is to empower, inspire, and to do things in an extra-ordinary way. We are proud to call ourselves rule benders. We are vulnerable and genuine so that our story, and unique mission empowers and inspires everyone we meet. Come on now, who doesn’t want to be a part of that?


The collaboration that RHLG provides is unheard of in this industry. There is an infinite amount of advice, team building, mindset growth training, goal setting, mentorship, and coaching that allows our Realtors to gain vital knowledge and experience. Since joining RHLG I have gained a tremendous amount of knowledge. I have been exposed to so many diverse experiences and situations in a very short timeframe because I have been surrounded and mentored by the best. Every single deal and client is extremely different. But, that’s what makes it so exciting! I have learned so much not only about real estate, but also about myself, my hometown, society, people and life in general. In any profession, people expect you to have experience, the hard part is gaining that experience. RHLG has provided me with the knowledge and experience that I need in order to be successful in this industry. You will have the privilege and opportunity to gain the same knowledge and experience to be successful too!

RHLG has an intricate network of trusted professionals. This has been an incredibly powerful resource which has given me the ability to be a top producer within my first six months of being licensed. There are many people involved in every transaction to get to the closing table: title, Realtor, lender, transaction coordinator, insurance agent, home inspector, handyman, contractors, the list goes on! Understanding the intricacy and importance of these relationships was not something I was aware of coming into this industry. It was a game changer to start this career and have a network of people I could trust because of the relationships RHLG has established. Take advantage, people!   


The big attribute of RHLG that attracted me to want to be one of them was their involvement in the community and their commitment to charity. This is where being part of something so much bigger comes into play. I don’t just feel like a boring Realtor that works all of the time with no greater purpose. We do so much within the community and to me, that is what life is all about. Another aspect I love about RHLG is that everyone has a voice. Everyone is required to write a monthly blog post which allows us to take advantage of exposure in a unique way. We all play our own part within the team, and the vision. Our opinions are important, and we all contribute to the team and the goal.

I am beyond excited to continue to grow and pursue the leadership opportunities within RHLG. I look forward to teaching other people what I was so fortunate to learn through the coaching and mentorship I have received. We pride ourselves in helping others be successful. We pave the path for them to follow in our footsteps. I am eager to take new Realtors under my wing as RHLG and Adriana has done for me.

Now, I encourage anyone interested in pursuing a new path to schedule a recruiting consultation with Adriana to find out more about how you can take your leap of faith and trust the magic of new beginnings.

Adriana Johnson