Executive assistant

Shalelia is a Denver native and graduated from South High School. She received a bachelor’s degree in psychology with a minor of Spanish from Hampton University. Her last year of college, while working with Upward Bound, she realized that she would be fulfilled by teaching and received her alternative teacher certification in Special Education. From there, Shalelia taught high school math, preschool, sixth and eighth-grade science, and private school.

Seeking a change, she became the executive assistant and loves creating new and edgy marketing content. Shalelia brings her compassion and helping nature to RHLG by helping the realtors with all the pertinent details to make their job easier! Shalelia keeps things organized by doing whatever it takes to make our clients and realtors feel comfortable by creating and managing databases. Since she was in high school, her priority has been to give back to the community. From volunteering for the homeless to coaching a community cheerleading team, her focus has been on making her community a better place. Currently, she is a cohort member of the Urban Leadership Foundation of Colorado.

When Shalelia is not trying to make a difference in her community, she dedicates her time to her husband and two boys, Joe (12) and Elias (4). She is an artist who paints and quills and loves singing and listening to music.